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Corporate video is not a new concept. But in todays media and technology savvy world the production of a corporate video needs to be of the highest quality.
The look, the feel, the “experience” of the video should be sharp, slick and resonate with its audience.
Made by Pearl have evolved over the last ten years through creating videos that captivate, resonate, motivate and inspire.
We bring your story to life.

What we do

We listen to you, understand what you want to achieve, discuss budgets and then devise a plan to bring your story to life.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The ease at which video can be produced and delivered these days means that companies now see video as their preferred method of communicating messages with their staff and also their customers.

Live Events

Cameras, director, vision mixers, we stream and broadcast in the moment. In live events we record everything in particular styles and formats.  Post-production we edit to deliver engaging highlights and concise historical.

Digital Content

A great way to tell a story is through specially created graphics and animations that can articulate often complex messages in an easy to understand way. 2D & 3D animations become engaging and leave a lasting memory


Everyone has one – this is ours!

Our work

Every story is different and so every video we make is unique to that story

  • SAP User Group - Opener
  • Deloitte - Best of
  • Power of one
  • ITAA - Event Opener
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